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Look how we grow!

October 15th
Happy Saturday!
Garden Club Update
We finished cleaning out the silver planters in our school yard. It was quite a task!!! A special thank you to Ms. Wanda for her hard work and strong arms! I would also like to give a shout out to 5th Grader Savya from 5-403. He has shown great leadership qualities and has been a great help in all aspects of our work so far
PS 239 is lucky to have a student like him!!!
We are moving on to our second project. The club is repurposing old tires and turning them into planters!! Please check out the garden club working on phase one of the tires. We are super excited for you to see the tire transformation.
Congratulations to all of our students and their hard work! Have a wonderful weekend!
Ms. Kutch and The PS 239 Garden Club
Good Morning! I wanted to share some pictures from yesterdays Garden Club. We have 3 big projects that we will be working on to help beautify our school. Our first project, shown here, is to clean out all of the dead trees and weeds from our big silver planters. Project number two is to repurpose old tires into planters. Not only will they hold plants, but they will serve as bumpers to protect our beautiful mural. Our third project will be to utilize our indoor Tower Garden to grow a variety of plants. We will grow indoors during the fall and winter. When the spring comes, we will be able to transplant our new plants into the silver planters and tire planters. Our goal is to create a beautiful space for our entire PS 239 community to enjoy. Stay tuned for updates on our progress. Have a wonderful 4 day weekend!! 
🌿 🌱 Ms. Kutch